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1 Rear locker (1)       
2 Left locker (2)       
3 Left locker (3)     
4 Right 132 cm locker for fishing rods (4)       
5 Large front locker (5)     
6 Front anchor locker with water drainage (6)     
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7 Locker for living fish, with drainage, no pump (2)   
8 Locker for living fish, with a pump, electrical installation, automatic timer 30/180 sec and a water drain (2). Pump 3 years warranty.     
9 Shelves for bait, front     
10 Drink holder   
11 The possibility to install a foot-operated electric motor on the bow       
12 The possibility to install a sonar transducer inside the first locker (1)
13 105 cm transom with a complete set of protectors (short shaft engines)   
14 Rubing strake with INOX ending   
15 Front INOX mooring ear + 2x rear INOX mooring ears     
16 Front INOX 150 right cleat + rear INOX 125 left cleat     
17 Front INOX 150 left cleat + rear INOX 125 right cleat     
18 Drainage from the buoyancy compartment, with a stopper       
Waterafvoer uit de kuip - kies
19 Gravity drainage from the deck, with a flexible stopper   
20 Drainage from the deck with bilge pump, manual off-switch on the electrical panel and electrical installation. Pump 3 years warranty.   
Anker - voor - Kies
21 SCOTTY removable anchor lock, front (can be use alternatively with SCOTTY Fishing rod holder)   
22 SCOTTY anchor lock, front   
23 INOX front anchor roller   
Anker - achter - kies
24 SCOTTY removable anchor lock, rear (can be use alternatively with SCOTTY Fishing rod holder)   
25 INOX rear anchor roller   
26 Seat socket, 3pcs   
Kruk - kies
27 Swivel fishing seat, removable and height-adjustable - 2pcs   
28 Swivel 40 cm seat, removable, no height adjustment - 2pcs   
29 Seat with backrest 1 or 2 pieces (to pos. 27 or 28)
30 Upper deck   
31 Extended upper deck   
32 Additional seat socket on upper deck (to pos. 30)   
33 Pillow for front part of upper deck (to pos. 30)   
34 Pillow for extended upper deck (to pos. 31)
35 Pillow for front part of boat   
36 Pillow for left side (2)   
37 Pillow for right side (3)   
Kussens - kies
38 Pillow for rear part of boat   
39 Pillow for rear part of boat 2/3   
40 Pillow for helmsman   
41 Hand railings 2 x 50 cm + 2 x 80 cm (4 pcs)     
42 Storage for bait beneath the covers of lockers' 3, 4 and 5         
43 Deck mat - waterproof velvet (the lures don't catch on the mat)   
44 Bumpers for covers of locker 2,3 and 4 (SILENT CLOSING)   
45 Magnetic holder (3 pcs) for metall equipment   
46 Fishing rod holder   
47 Fishing rod holder for 3 rods   
48 SCOTTY sockets for fishing rod holders RODMASTER II and other tools SCOTTY 4 PCs   
49 Handle for fishing rods, a landing net and a sonar, with space for a 17Ah - 20Ah battery and a clasp for 3 fishing rods, front     
50 RAMount holder 5,6" for sonar screen.     
51 Mounting bracket for a side sonar GARMIN GT40M or DV under the hull
52 Place where a side sonar transducer GARMIN DSI or LOWRANCE LLS-1 is installed beneath the hull.
53 Mounting bracket for a side sonar BLACK BOX GARMIN along with an off-switch on the electrical panel or LOWRANCE SCAN 3D   
54 SONAR INSTALLATION, along with it's transducer, electrical installation and rubber culverts sonars bought from us - free installation.
55 Power installation for an electric motor from lockers 5, the cable CU 10mm2, isolated connectors 12V/60A for connecting the electric motor and for connection of battery cables in the locker 5 + connecting cables
56 Mounting for a battery (dimensions 175x350x215 with mounting bottom (footer)) makes it possible to store the battery in the boat (5) (to pos. 55)
57 Wires for electric engine with safe fuse 60A + terminals (to pos. 55)
58 Additional transom protector for a rear electric motor (to pos. 55)
59 Navigation LED light, horn, 12V socket, 2x USB 5V socket, lighting deck LED - 3 PCs., a set of ON-OFF switches and fuses         
60 Holder for Starting Battery (dimensions 175x350x215 with mounting bottom (footer)) in the rear locker (1)
61 Off-switch for the Starting Battery with 16mm2 starter cable
62 Holder for gel-battery 17 Ah
65 / ASK DEALER /   
66 Small paddle   
67 Removable bench + INOX oarlocks
68 Paddles 210cm
69 Transport cover for boat   
70 Measure for check size of fish